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With deep practical experience,  Our company will provide the optimal solution for customers' choice & answer questions about industrial refrigeration systems; freezing equipment; refrigeration equipment; cold storage and accessories.

We will advise, design, make preliminary estimates to come up with equipment that is suitable for customers' requirements, bringing high efficiency in terms of investment capital, saving electricity, and easy operation. and most aesthetic.


SAREE is one of the leading companies in Vietnam specializing in industrial refrigeration. The products and services SAREE provides meet the specific needs of customers with modern technology and advanced technology.

  • Freezing equipment: IQF conveyor belt, freezer, wind tunnel...
  • Ice making equipment: Flake ice machine, pellet machine, ice machine
  • Water chiller
  • Cold storage: Insulation panel, warehouse door…
  • Refrigeration system equipment: Compressor, condenser, indoor unit, pressure vessel.
  • Refrigeration accessories


With a high-quality construction force along with a team of experienced engineers and experts, SAREE is completely confident to bring the most optimal construction and installation solutions, ensuring quality & construction progress.

                      •  Installation of refrigeration system: Freezing; ice machine; Air and water cooling systems…
              • Construction of electrical systems.
              • Installation of cold storage


Periodic maintenance, ensuring the long-term & stable operation of the works in accordance with design parameters.

With a team of experienced engineers and experts spread throughout the provinces, in addition to periodic maintenance when due, when problems occur, our team can be present promptly to quickly handle the problems. This is to ensure that the system returns to normal operation as quickly as possible, minimizing damage to production.