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“We always put sustainable development at the core of our business strategy. Gradually building to become one of the leading units in the field of industrial refrigeration, strong in organization and strong in brand name.”

All of that is demonstrated through:

>>  Aspiration to lead:

     With the enthusiasm to overcome all difficulties,  we are always learning for a common goal of strong development to become a leader in industrial refrigeration.

>>  Dedication to responsibility:

      With a ready attitude, boldly taking advantage of opportunities, we are always dedicated to working with the highest sense of responsibility.

>> Constantly improving the quality of products and services:

      With the goal of becoming the leading refrigeration enterprise in Vietnam, we always strive to improve the quality of products and services through improving labor productivity and service quality. The company applies many scientific and technological methods to each product to best serve customers.

>>  Dynamic and creative:

    Creating and developing products with higher performance, environmentally friendly is the responsibility to society and the community of SAREE.

    We create a comfortable, professional working environment that encourages learning so that all SAREE members can freely develop to their fullest potential.