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  • Saigon Refrigeration Engineering Co,. Ltd - SAREE with more than 30 years of operation, is one of the pioneers contributing to the development of the refrigeration industry in Vietnam. From the difficult early days to the progress of the refrigeration industry in the seafood industry, SAREE has accumulated a lot of experience through the process of operating in the field of consulting, designing, manufacturing and supplying equipment. and high-tech services to the refrigeration industry. Along with that is a team of professional, experienced engineers and technical staff with a high sense of responsibility. We always try our best to bring customers the best quality products.
  • All equipment is designed for precision, quality, efficiency. The production and installation process is strictly checked and supervised at each stage to give customers absolute trust and peace of mind. SAREE is based on the motto of taking quality to create prestige
  • SAREE is very honored to accompany and cooperate with customers, committed to bringing the most quality, aesthetic and economic works.http://sareeref.vn/tong-quan-cong-ty/?preview_id=6442&preview_nonce=9bc59a412f&_thumbnail_id=-1&preview=true


  • 1985: Established Saigon Refrigeration Company (Saree), formerly the Complex.
  • 1993: Changed its name to Saigon Refrigeration Company Limited, gradually affirming its leading position in the industrial refrigeration industry.
  • 1993 to present: Become a reliable partner of many large and famous companies with many different construction items in the field of industrial refrigeration.
  • Objective: Build the company to become a pioneer and leader in providing services in the industrial refrigeration industry.
  • Since the early days of its establishment, Saree has always focused on service quality, technology as well as the interests of customers. And from that formed the company motto "Get quality to create reputation.”
  • Therefore, over the past 30 years, SAREE has become a reliable partner of many large companies as well as famous individual customers with many different construction items in the field of industrial refrigeration across the country.


  • SAREE is proud to have a team of high-quality engineers and technical workers, who have grown up from many projects invested by domestic and foreign companies in the territory of Vietnam for many years. We have worked under the supervision of international consultants, investors, contractors, combined with continuous training to help SAREE undertake projects of the highest technical and artistic significance.


  • SaiGon Refrigeration Enginerging Co., Ltd. has become a leading unit in the field of providing high-quality technical services and equipment in the Industrial Refrigeration industry to promptly meet your requirements and desires.
  • With creativity, foresight and true values, we are constantly researching to create new values to affirm our existence firmly and become a leading company in industrial refrigeration.


  • Provide stable and long-lasting high-quality equipment and services, listen and always strengthen technical and technological capabilities to best meet customer needs.
  • Maintain, nurture and develop long-term relationships on the principle of respecting the interests of the parties in order to create the best products for society.
  • Constantly building and perfecting the working environment to ensure health and safety, encourage creativity and share development opportunities for each member and partner of SAREE. Let's join hands to build a friendly and happy community.

Providing high quality products and services in the industrial refrigeration industry, contributing to economic development and improving people's quality of life.


“We always put sustainable development at the core of our business strategy. Gradually building to become one of the leading units in the field of industrial refrigeration, strong in organization and strong in brand name.”

All of that is demonstrated through:

>  Aspiration to lead:

  • With the enthusiasm to overcome all difficulties,  we are always learning for a common goal of strong development to become a leader in industrial refrigeration.

>  Dedicated responsibility:

  • With a ready attitude, boldly taking advantage of opportunities, we are always dedicated to working with the highest sense of responsibility.

> Constantly improving the quality of products and services:

  • With the goal of becoming the leading refrigeration enterprise in Vietnam, we always strive to improve the quality of products and services through improving labor productivity and service quality. The company applies many scientific and technological methods to each product to best serve customers.

> Dynamic and creative:

  • Creating and developing products with higher performance, environmentally friendly is the responsibility to society and the community of SAREE.

We create a comfortable, professional working environment that encourages learning so that all SAREE members can freely develop to their fullest potential.