Mesh IQF super speed conveyor belt

Exceptional Features:

  • Freezing variety of products such as: loose shrimp, tray shrimp, whole fish, crab, squid, octopus and breaded items with high freezing technical requirements...
  • The freezing time is short, the product quality is uniformly high, there is no cold burn, the frozen product retains its original shape, and the weight loss is low.
  • The cost of electricity consumed for SAREE's IQF conveyor belt per product unit is very low, helping to optimize economic profits for Investors.
  • The indoor unit has a specially designed blade to prolong the time between 2 defrosts, minimizing power loss due to heat loss when defrosting.
  • The conveyor belt is designed and manufactured in compliance with HACCP/FDA standards. Easy to clean to ensure food hygiene and safety standards.
  • Diverse freezing capacity, can design capacity according to customer requirements.


  • SAREE's mesh IQF conveyor belt is assembled from interconnected modules, the entire frame structure is made of 304 stainless steel to ensure food hygiene and safety.
  • The conveyor frame is placed on inclined surfaces to ensure no water stagnation during the cleaning process.
  • The entire structure is surrounded by insulated panels assembled together to form a closed room, ensuring no heat loss to the outside and wasting energy.
  • The conveyor frame is placed in the middle of the freezer room with large and airy aisles to make it easy to manipulate during cleaning.
  • The feed inlet is connected directly to the conveyor frame, frozen products are continuously passed through the wind chamber containing cold air by the conveyor belt, the freezing speed depends on the size and nature of each product.


Technical details

  • IQF shell is assembled Panel panels, inside and outside are covered with 304 stainless steel, inside is Polyurethane (PU) insulation with appropriate density to ensure insulation when the conveyor belt is operating at deep negative temperatures.
  • IQF floor is assembled by high density molded PU foam panels with bearing capacity, the top surface is welded with a layer of waterproof 304 stainless steel to protect the insulation board.
  • The entire belt support frame, bearing system, traction shaft, drive shaft, cover, freezer door of IQF are made of 304 stainless steel.
  • Belt mesh is made from special stainless steel materials, imported from the US, Japan...
  • The indoor unit has 304 stainless steel pipe and frame, epoxy coated aluminum heat exchanger, specially designed for SAREE conveyor belt, imported from Europe.
  • The belt traction motors, indoor fan motors are specially designed, watertight and operate in a temperature environment (-45oC).
  • IQF conveyor belts are fabricated and assembled according to each Module, which is convenient for transportation and complete assembly at the construction site.
  • The control cabinet is made of 304 stainless steel with watertight seals, can be placed in humid environments.

Working principle

  • After the product is stowed on the feeder belt according to the preset pattern, the product will be moved through the freezing chamber by the belt pulling motor located at the outlet of the conveyor belt. During the product movement, the product will be directly exposed to cold air blowing at high speed from the upper fans through the air distribution hoppers inside the freezer chamber.
  • With thousands of deep negative cold air jets in direct and continuous contact with both surfaces, the thermal layers surrounding the product are broken allowing cold air to penetrate deep into the center of the product. Therefore, the freezing process takes place quickly. Finally, after moving to the outlet of the conveyor belt, the products after freezing are separated from the belt surface by a plastic cutter and sent to the stage of glazing or packaging.


  • Product center temperature in/out: +10oC/-18oC
  • Refrigerant evaporator temperature: -45oC
  • Freezer room temperature: -38oC đến -40oC
  • Fluid delivery method: fluid pump / effusion tank
  • Refrigerant: gas NH3 or R22
  • Defrost method: hot water or gas
  • Conveyor belt: mesh

Parameter table of IQF mesh conveyor belt manufactured by SAREE:


Unit SA-BCTL500 SA-BCTL750 SA-BCTL1000
Freezing capacity Kg/h 500 750 1000
Cooling capacity Qo needed KW 110 165 220
Conveyor material Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Conveyor Width mm 1500/1800 1500/1800 1800
Covering length (L) mm 13900/10900 16400/13900 16400
Covering width (W) mm 3300/3550 3300/3550 3550
Covering height (H) mm 3200 3200 3200
Feed Length (A) mm 2000/2000 2500/2000 2500



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