Beam tube condenser

Exceptional Features:

  • Designed and manufactured according to TCVN, ISO, ASME Code and other regulations.
  • High heat exchanger efficiency
  • Compact design, sturdy, easy to install and clean.


  • The condenser consists of a cylindrical shell, a tube beam is arranged inside, the two ends have a floor surface, and the two sides have two lids to arrange the water inlet/outlet for cooling.
  • The condenser has the effect of cooling the refrigerant gas after the compression process. Gas goes outside the cooling water shell and goes in the tube. In order to increase the water speed, increase the efficiency of heat transfer and prolong the water's path, people let the water move many times (pass) thanks to the baffles. Thus, to be able to cool the condenser, it is necessary to add a device (Cooling Tower) to cool the circulating water to the required temperature when designed.

Device details

  • In accordance with TCVN 6153-6156:1996; TCVN 6104:1996: ISO 5149:1993 and ASME Code
  • Medium: NH3, Freon.
  • Size and thickness: According to user requirements.
  • Material: Body and bottom of the tank use carbon steel.
  • Heat exchanger tubes: Copper, cast steel.
  • Pipes connected to the tank: Pressure cast steel pipe

Working principle

The refrigerant vapor at the end of the compression process is introduced into the condenser. In the space between the tubes, the refrigerant exchanges heat with water through the tube walls and condenses on the surface of the tube beams. Water enters through a pipe arranged on a cap, moves inside the heat exchanger tube according to pre-arranged routes, and then exits through the outlet connecting pipe. The vapor after condensing into a liquid in the condenser falls down and flows to the high pressure container below and continues to circulate the cold cycle.



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