Flake ice mortar

Exceptional Features

  • Flake ice mortar is a vertical drum, rotary knife manufactured according to HACCP/FDA standards.
  • All materials are made of stainless steel. Finished flake ice is of high quality, meeting food hygiene and safety requirements.
  • Efficient in electricity and water consumption produces high quality flake ice.
  • The machine provides dry flake ice, the thickness of the ice can be adjusted.


  • The stone mill is in the shape of a circular cylinder, inside there is a rotary knife that rotates and rotates a fixed axis. The rolling knife frame is moved thanks to the reducer motor mechanism placed on the top of the flake stone morta
  • Ice-making water is pre-cooled and then sprinkled directly on the drum to freeze.
  • The entire ice-making structure is surrounded by a 100mm thick insulation layer, avoiding heat loss to the outside, causing power loss.
  • The control cabinet is located on the stone mortar, designed for automatic control with modern protection devices to ensure stable and continuous operation of the stone mortar.

Technical details

  • The drum tank and related contact details in the ice making process are made of 304 stainless steel.
  • The stone cutter is made of special stainless steel, heat treated to achieve the required hardness after machining.
  • The tool spindle, bearing base, tool holder are hot-dip galvanized after machining.
  • The knife shaft motor is controlled by a PLC frequency converter. The knife rotation speed is adjusted to match the capacity and thickness of the rock according to the needs.
  • Insulated with PU foam, outside covered with SUS304 stainless steel.
  • Designed and installed automatic protection devices for overload, overcurrent, knife jam, safety during operation.
  • Fully fabricated and assembled at the factory, convenient for transportation and installation at the site.

Working principle

  • The flake ice mill works on the principle of vertical drum and rotary knife. Cold water (5-10)oC from the tank is pumped and directed into the distribution trays and sprayed evenly and continuously onto the surface in the drum. Part of the water freezes into ice on the surface of the ice drum, is dropped by the rotary knife, the remaining water is cooled and flows into the trough to the container and then pumped back to the circulation.


  • Inlet water temperature: +5oC to +10o
  • Refrigerant evaporator temperature: -30o
  • Fluid delivery method: pump or overflow tank.
  • Refrigerant: gas NH3 or R22.

Thông số máy đá vảy tiêu chuẩn của SAREE chế tạo:

Model Unit SA-ĐV10 SA-ĐV20
Ice forming capacity Kg/24hours 10 20
Cooling capacity Qo needed KW 70 120
Thời gian cấp đông giờ 3→5 3→5
Đường kính (D) mm 1500 1800
Covering height (H) mm 1500 2200
Voltage 3Phase/380V/50Hz


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