GENTNER indoor unit

Exceptional Features:

  • Produced according to the world's leading modern technology
  • Designed for many types of media: NH3, CO2, Freon, Glycol...
  • The indoor unit shell is electrostatically painted to prevent rust, ensuring food hygiene and safety standards.
  • Efficient operation, high durability, low noise.
  • Many capacity ranges, high aesthetics, compact design, easy installation, cleaning, and quick maintenance.
  • Origin: Germany, manufactured in Indonesia factory.


  • GUNTNER Refrigeration is fully assembled at the Indonesian factory with European quality standards. Is a high-class product line specialized for cold storage, cool storage and air conditioning.
  • The coils and fans are fully synchronized with many capacities and specifications suitable for each use such as preserving food, fruits, vaccines, factory air conditioners, etc.

Technical details

  • Refrigerant: NH3, CO2, Freon, Glycol…
  • Fan has large flow, high efficiency, long blowing distance can be up to 60m, ensuring even ventilation in large cold storage.
  • The indoor unit shell is electrostatically painted to prevent rust.
  • Coil in copper or stainless steel pipes depending on the purpose of use.
  • Defrost method: Hot gas, resistance, water...

Working principle

  • GUNTNER indoor unit is an air-cooled heat exchanger evaporator. The heat exchange process takes place indirectly through the pipe wall between the cooling agent in the tube and the air in the cold storage or freezing equipment. Air moves through the coils with heat exchanger blades for cooling and blows into the room by means of a fan.
  • Specifications:
    Designed according to the capacity and requirements of the system.



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