SAREE Condenser

Exceptional Features

  • High efficiency heat exchanger, easy maintenance.
  • Designed to suit the climate conditions in Vietnam.
  • Diversified capacity to meet all requirements of Investors.
  • Stable operation and long service life.
  • The surface of the heat exchanger tube after processing is smooth to help limit dirt and increase the service life and stabilize the cooling capacity of the device.


  • The SAREE evaporative condenser is a condenser in an industrial refrigeration system that combines a gas water cooling system and a forced air water cooling system into one complete unit.
  • The condenser is designed to be assembled into a Module form, making it easy to transport and install at the construction site.
  • The large water tank helps to stabilize the cooling temperature when the ambient temperature changes according to the time of day.

Technical details

  • The condenser coil is made of stainless steel pipe or hot-dip galvanized steel.
  • Walls and frames covered with stainless steel 201/304 depending on the needs of use.
  • Cooling fan and water pump are installed synchronously according to the condenser.

Working principle

  • The high-temperature refrigerant vapor at the end of the compression process is fed into the upper steam manifold of the condenser to perform the cooling process and condense back into a liquid. The refrigerant after condensing is returned to the high-pressure container through the liquid manifold below the condenser to continue the circulation of the cold cycle.
  • The cooling process is done by a cooling water pump located below the condenser, through the nozzles, water is evenly sprinkled on the surface of the heat exchanger tubes to form a thin film of water covering the entire surface. tube face. After absorbing the heat of the refrigerant, part of the water turns into steam and is discharged into the air by the fan. The rest of the water falls back to the water tank, in the process of falling into the water is cooled by the flow of cold air moving upstream from the blower, the water after cooling is recirculated by the pump to cool the refrigerant.
  • The amount of evaporated water will be supplemented by an automatic water float placed inside the tank.


SAREE Standard Condenser Specifications (calculate temperature + 28oC and condenser temperature + 35oC).

Model Unit SA-DN6C37T SA-DN6C55T SA-DN5C58T SA-DN5C72T
Cooling capacity KW 500 750 1000 1250
Water pump capacity KW 3 4 5.5 5.5
Fan power KW 1.1 x 6 1.5 x 6 2.2 x 6 2.2 x 8
Covering length mm 3700 3700 5500 5500
Covering width mm 1200 1800 1900 2300
Covering height mm 4000 4000 4000 4000
Dry weight Kg 3500 4500 6000 7000
Working weight Kg 6000 7500 11000 12000
Voltage 3Phase/380V/50Hz


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