W.X.R evaporative condenser

Exceptional Features

  • Plate heat exchanger, high heat transfer efficiency.
  • The panels are designed to be assembled with large through-through clearances, making it easy to clean all heat exchanger plates, stabilizing capacity during operation.
  • Low power consumption reduces operating costs.
  • Heat exchanger plate made of 304 stainless steel resists corrosion when operating in harsh environments.
  • Diverse capacity, designed according to the needs of customers.


  • The W.X.R evaporative condenser is a condenser in an industrial refrigeration system that combines a gas water cooling system and a forced air water cooling system into one complete unit.
  • The condenser is designed to be assembled into a Module form, making it easy to transport and install at the construction site.
  • With an optimized design for energy saving, and at the same time solving the ominous problem of power loss due to dirt during operation, the W.X.R condenser is the first choice trusted by investors.

Working principle

  • The high-temperature refrigerant vapor at the end of the compression process is fed into the upper steam manifold of the condenser to perform the cooling process and condense back into a liquid. The refrigerant after condensing is returned to the high-pressure container through the liquid manifold below the condenser to continue the circulation of the cold cycle.
  • The cooling process is done by a cooling water pump located below the condenser, through the nozzles, water is sprinkled evenly on the surface of the heat exchanger plates forming a thin film of water. After absorbing the heat of the refrigerant, part of the water turns into steam and is discharged into the air by the fan. The rest of the water is passed through the radiator plastic sheets where the water exchanges heat with the cold air stream from the blower, the water after cooling is put into the storage tank and the pump circulates back to cool the refrigerant.
  • The amount of evaporated water will be supplemented by an automatic water float placed inside the tank.


W.X.R Standard Condenser Specifications (calculate temperature + 28oC and condenser temperature + 35oC).

Model Unit WXRB-1700 WXRB-2100 WXRB-2500
Design capacity KW 1700 2100 2500
Actual capacity KW 1200 1500 1800
Water pump capacity KW 4.0 x 1 5.5 x 1 5.5 x 1
Fan power KW 4.0 x 3 5.5 x 3 5.5 x 4
Covering length mm 5165 6205 7490
Covering width mm 2230 2230 2230
Covering height mm 4175 4175 4175
Dry weight Kg 7600 9050 10850
Working weight Kg 11900 14400 17250
Voltage 3Phase/380V/50Hz


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