Wind frozen cellar

Exceptional Features

  • Freezing a variety of products such as vegetables, seafood, fish meat, and other pre-processed products...
  • Freezing time can vary continuously depending on the type of product (ranging from 1h to 12h).
  • Simple structure, relatively low investment cost
  • The wind tunnel is designed and manufactured in compliance with HACCP/FDA standards. Easy to clean to ensure food hygiene and safety standards.
  • Diverse freezing capacity, can design capacity according to customer requirements.


  • The indoor unit is placed directly on the floor in combination with the blowers placed above, which transmits cold air through each layer of the container truck to cool the product.
  • The freezer compartment is equipped with a wind deflector on the top to help direct the cold wind to the end of the room and recirculate it back to the indoor unit from below.
  • Products after being placed in the tray are placed in the storage truck in layers with a standard gap for easy air circulation. Each freezer can accommodate multiple vehicles at the same time.
  • All equipment is surrounded by insulated panels assembled together to form a closed room, ensuring no heat loss to the outside and wasting energy. The door of the freezer is also designed to be large, usually a sliding door that makes it easy to move the cargo truck in and out of the freezer room.
  • The control cabinet is located right at the wind tunnel, making it easy to manipulate during operation.

Technical details

  • The freezer cellar cover is assembled panels, inside and outside are covered with 304 stainless steel, inside is Polyurethane (PU) insulation with an appropriate density to ensure insulation when the freezer is operating at deep negative temperatures.
  • The concrete basement floor below is lined with insulation with high-density molded PU foam panels with bearing capacity, the top surface is welded with a protective layer of waterproof 304 stainless steel.
  • The indoor unit has 304 stainless steel pipe and frame, aluminum heat exchanger, specially designed for SAREE's freezer.
  • The indoor unit fan motor is a specially designed type, watertight and operating in a temperature environment (-40oC).
  • The control cabinet is made of 304 stainless steel with watertight seals, can be placed in humid environments.

Working principle

  • Frozen products are placed on a tray placed on the storage truck in layers with a fixed gap, the container truck is then put into the wind tunnel in batches. The cold wind on the floor is blown by the fan to the end of the room and redirects downwards through the tray layers of the cargo truck. With thousands of deep negative cold air jets in direct and continuous contact with the surface, the thermal layers surrounding the product will be broken allowing cold air to penetrate deep into the center of the product. Therefore, the freezing process takes place quickly. After reaching the required temperature, the product will be removed from the tray and put into storage.


  • Frozen products: shrimp, fish, meat, pre-processed food…
  • Product center temperature in/out: +10oC/-18o
  • Refrigerant evaporator temperature: -40o
  • Freezer room temperature: -33oC to -35o
  • Fluid delivery method: fluid pump.
  • Refrigerant: gas NH3 or R22.
  • Defrost method: water.


Thông số hầm đông tiêu chuẩn của SAREE chế tạo:

Model Unit SA-HĐG3000 SA-HĐG5000
Freezing capacity Kg/h 3000 5000
Cooling capacity Qo needed KW 120 150
Thời gian cấp đông giờ 3→5 3→5
Covering length (L) mm 5000 7500
Covering width (W) mm 5000 5000
Covering height (H) mm 3200 3200
Voltage 3Phase/380V/50Hz


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