Exceptional Features

  • Diverse product lines such as closed type, semi-closed, open type (screw).
  • Compact size, easy overhaul/maintenance.
  • Stable, durable, energy-saving operation.
  • Wide power range from 0.5HP to 300HP.
  • Working temperature range from +15oC đến -60o
  • Easy operation, standard spare parts available, easy to find.
  • Refrigerant used: R717, Freon…
  • Origin: Germany.


  • With compact size, diverse capacity, Bitzer compressor is widely applied in the fields of freezing, cold storage, cool storage with small, medium and large capacity.
  • Compressor assemblies are fully installed at the factory to save time and labor on site installation.

Technical details

Working principle

  • To meet the purpose of refrigeration, the refrigerant needs to be brought to a high pressure and then depressurized through the throttle valve. And to do that, people use a specialized device that is a Refrigeration Compressor. Thus, the compressor will perform the process of sucking low-pressure refrigerant at the evaporator and compressing the refrigerant to high pressure to push it into the condenser.
  • With the Piston compressor series, the suction compression process is done by the Crankshaft - Piston - Cylinder mechanism and the suction and discharge valves to ensure that the cycle only works in one direction. The process is repeated throughout the operation period to ensure that the system always operates stably according to the designer's parameters.
  • With the screw compressor series, the suction compression is carried out by means of the counter-rotating mechanism of the two precisely matched screws, in the process of rotating the volume of air flow between the screw grooves decreases and state from low pressure to high pressure and enter the condenser.


  • Catalog máy nén Bitzer loại Piston. (file đính kèm)
  • Catalog máy nén Bitzer loại Trục vít. (file đính kèm)


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