Wind freezer

Exceptional Features

  • Freezing by cold wind products in food processing technology such as shrimp, fish, meat...
  • Fast, efficient freezing time for high quality.
  • Design and manufacture in compliance with HACCP/FDA standards.
  • Standard freezing capacity: 250, 375, 500 kg/batch.
  • The capacity of the freezer can be changed according to customer requirements.


  • The freezer is designed in the form of a cabinet, with many compartments, each with a separate door, to help independent goods in and out to avoid affecting the adjacent compartments.
  • Products after being placed on the tray are put on the shelf to be fixed in the cabinet in layers. The tray layers are designed with a standard clearance for easy air circulation
  • The fan is installed synchronously on the indoor unit to suck and blow cold air directly into the product placed on the shelf.
  • All equipment is surrounded by insulated panels assembled together to form a closed room, ensuring no heat loss to the outside and wasting energy.
  • The control cabinet is located right at the freezer to make it easy to manipulate during operation.

Technical details

    • All manufacturing materials conform to HACCP/FDA standards.
    • Design capacity according to the needs of the investor.

    Freezer compartment:

    • The freezer chamber is made of Polyurethane insulation panel.
    • The outside is covered with PVC coated corrugated iron, color-bond or stainless steel.
    • The inside is covered with stainless steel.
    • 1.5mm thick stainless steel floor, with toilet water outlet.
    • Standard cabinet: 2 freezer compartments and 4 doors.
    • The cabinet is equipped with aluminum (or stainless steel) trays and stainless steel tray shelves.


    • Indoor unit with aluminum foil stainless steel pipe or hot-dip galvanized coil.
    • 304 stainless steel indoor unit frame.
    • Dedicated fan for air freezers made in Germany.
    • The indoor unit uses NH3, R22 or other gas.

Working principle

  • SAREE's wind freezer is used for batch freezing of aquatic products, vegetables and food. Especially suitable for value-added products such as tempura, nobashi, sushi...
  • Wind freezers use the principle of forced convection heat exchange to freeze products. The products are placed in the freezer tray, the trays are layered in the shelf. The cold air from the indoor unit is blown by the fans directly into the trays and freezes the products stacked on it.


  • Frozen products: shrimp, fish, meat, pre-processed food…
  • Product center temperature in/out: +10oC/-18oC
  • Refrigerant evaporator temperature: -40oC
  • Freezer room temperature: -33oC to -35oC
  • Fluid supply method: automatic fluid pump/secretion.
  • Refrigerant: gas NH3 or R22.
  • Defrosting method: water

Thông số tủ đông gió tiêu chuẩn của SAREE chế tạo (freezing capacity may vary by product):

Model Unit SA-TĐG250 SA-TĐG375 SA-TĐG500
Freezing capacity Kg/h 250 375 500
Cooling capacity Qo needed KW 40 60 80
Số ngăn 2 3 4
Covering length (L) mm 3000 4500 6000
Covering width (W) mm 3000 3000 3000
Covering height (H) mm 2500 2500 2500
Voltage 3Phase/380V/50Hz


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